As we are all aware, day-to-day life looks a little different these days. We at St. John's Cathedral want to respond to COVID19 with love and compassion by safely providing our teens with community centered around Jesus Christ. While youth ministry is going to look different than it has in the past, we desire to foster joy and fun while doing our part to keep our teens, core members, and their family's safe. 


We plan to utilize a combination of CDC-approved cleaning and disinfecting products  to clean common tables, counter tops, doorknobs and handles, and common items before and after every youth group. Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout meeting areas and be required upon entering the designated meeting space. Parents are required to keep teens home if they and/or their siblings are sick. 


Mask shall be worn inside at all times and outside when social distancing can not be obtained. Food will be wrapped and separated into single servings or be served instead of self-serve. In the case that we have someone that has tested positive and have been in contact with others we will:

  • Sanitize all areas 

  • Contact all the parents of youth that came in contact with the infected individual


Pleases check back for more details as we discern what is best and safest for the teens and families that we serve!  In the meantime please register for EDGE + Life Teen as normal and more information will be sent out to registered participants in the coming weeks. Thank you!